The Book of Jonah

08.25.16 | by Alan Giles

    This week, we begin a new series. It will be a short journey in chapter but a long one in mileage as we journey from Gath-Hepher, to Joppa. From Joppa towards Tarshish. And from the belly of a whale to a hill outside of Ninevah. I'm sure you’ve guessed it by now… :)

    Over the next 4 weeks will be in the book of Jonah and I think you will really enjoy seeing this “children’s story” come to life as we watch God do what He has done all through history. Namely, shine His Light into darkness. Obliterate sin, display his glory and prove Himself worthy of our Worship.

    Here is what I recommend for this week (and perhaps this weekend) as you prepare your hearts for worship on Sunday. 

    First, read through the book of Jonah as a family. Discuss the different aspects of the story. Write down your questions ahead of time and lets see how God answers them as we go through this series.

    Next, watch this stirring re-telling of the story of Jonah. Be prepared to be deeply moved and “challenged” like you've probably never been before…

    Jonah Song