A Short Study in Luke 14


    A Short Study in Luke 14:7-24

    First, read Luke 14:7-24 and then spend some time working through the following questions.

    What conduct did Jesus observe among the people (v7)? 

    What did this show about them?

    What instruction did He give? Why?

    What lesson can we learn from this (v11)?


    Think of practical situations today in which you should apply this principle.


    Whom did Jesus say we should invite to a meal (v13)? Why?


    Think About It…

    Is it wrong to invite family or friends?

    What’s Jesus Point Here?


    In verse 16 Jesus described a man who invited people to come and enjoy what?

    What did the people do who had been invited to the feast (vs 18-20)? 

    List the examples Jesus gave.

    What’s wrong with these excuses?

    Whom do these excuse-makers represent?

    What did the master say to do to find people for the feast? (Think: Whom do these people represent?

    What would happen to the original excuse-makers?

    Make It Personal…

    What religious habits, rules, traditions do you put in the place of ministering to the needs of others in Jesus’ name?


    Worship Songs for Sunday:

    Lord I Need You

    House of God Forever




    *Resources Used


    • Further Study: First Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg VA
    • Bible Study Questions on the Gospel of Luke by David E. Pratte