A Short Study in John 8:2-11

12.14.17 | by Alan Giles

    A Short Study on John 8:2-11

    First, read John 8:2-11 and then spend some time working through the following questions.


    To begin with, it is important to note that when we read accounts out of “the gospels” we have to always take into account the setting, the characters, the motivations behind the conversation and so much more. 

    With that in mind, I would encourage you to prepare for this Sunday’s sermon by working through the following questions. 

    Who? When? Where? What? How? Why? So What? 

    Who are the people involved in this story? Make a list of the characters in this scene. 

    When does this occur? This is important to note in this story. What time of year is it? What time of day is it when these events take place? 

    Where does this occur? This, again, is especially critical to note in this passage.

    What happens? Write this out from each character’s perspective. What happens from the perspective of ____ ?

    How and Why? 

    Again, for each character, list the how’s and why’s of what occurs. 

    SO WHAT?

    What’s the point? Why was this included in our Bibles. This story, specifically, has been debated throughout history. Should it be in scripture or not? Clearly it is included in most versions of our Bibles today. But why? Why was it debated? This is all extremely critical to examine in this story.

    This should be plenty to get you started and ready to dive in to God’s Word this weekend. 


    Worship Songs for Sunday:

    Oh Come All Ye Faithful

    Come Thou Fount

    Lord I Need You


    *Resources Used

    • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stewart
    • Experience Your Bible, by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell