What We Believe

Our Beliefs

As a member of the Evangelical Free Denomination we affirm the EFCA Statement of Faith in its entirety.

OUR VISION – Where are we headed?

“We picture a small gathering (a church called to plant churches as numbers grow) of people who are genuine in their relationships with one another, caring for each other and discipling one another, being built up in their knowledge of God and their passion to serve Him with their whole lives. We work together in unity to offer true worship and reach non-believers in our community and around the world.”

OUR PURPOSE – Why do we exist?

To bring glory to God as we seek to bring others to grow in relationship with God.

OUR MISSION – What task has God called this church to accomplish?

To go out into the world and make disciples. God’s unique call upon Ekklesia is to develop relationships that enable us to be used by God to bring others to know and grow in their relationship with Christ.

The Mission Statement:     “Be the Church”


  • Gospel Centered  
  • Relationally Driven
  • Missionally Minded


OUR VALUES – Why do we do what we do?

What is important to us?

We seek to simply “be the Church” that God has called us to be as we cherish these values:

  • Genuine/open relationships enabling us to grow together as a body of believers.
  • Simple worship that keeps the person of Christ front and center as we sing, pray and celebrate His presence though His Spirit in our midst.
  • The clear teaching of the word of God.
  • Encouraging and equipping one another for the works of ministry, as we each have a unique place to which we are going out into our world to make disciples.